School Holiday Club Middlewich

The holiday club is open during the school holidays and inset days for children aged between school age four up to the child’s 12th birthday.  We want to let parents in the area know how they can give their children a fabulous holiday experience.

Our Holiday Clubs provide support for busy / working parents and give children the chance to take part in a range of exciting programmes and activities.

We implement the EYFS for the children up to their 5th birthday, we offer a safe, secure and stimulating environment, where children can be imaginative and creative both indoors and outdoors.

The children are able to choose their own activities throughout the day, both independently and with help and guidance from staff, we regularly go on outings, whether we go for a local walk or a trip on the mini-buses.

Our aim is provide the children with a friendly, stimulating and safe environment, where they can have fun and make new friends.